Letter from Pastor Scott

The year 2020 has been a challenging season not only for God’s church, but also for our nation and our world. Some might ask, “Where is the Lord in all of this?”  The truth is, He is on His Throne, and still fully in control! In fact, Jesus told us in Matthew 24 that these … Continue reading Letter from Pastor Scott

Easter Letter

Dear Church Family! A blessed Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday to you. I trust that you are keeping well, safe and connected to others in the family of God during this very difficult time in our country and lives. I am writing this letter to you, since I can’t meet with you “face to face”, … Continue reading Easter Letter


2017年快要過去!主回來的腳步彷彿就在門外。本該在主日學談一談主再來的事情,但唯恐弟兄姊妹受不了。這個血壓早已偏高,那個氣管又有問題,為免情況惡化,只好另擇題目! 摩西五經是舊約中的瑰寶,先知書無法望其項背,這從猶太人對其重視程度便可見一斑。故此我們花了好些時間在前四本書中,申命記自然也不能馬虎了事。但我們在民數記的曠野中與以色列人一同迷了途,現在仍未找到出路。甚憾! 為了稍事休息,我們在2018年將嘗試從另一角度來看看聖經,以猶太人的角度來看猶太曆法,看看神的選民怎樣看待神給他們的月份及節期,當中的屬靈意義又是什麼?想必另有一番景致! 唯願眾弟兄姊妹把身體養好,以客觀冷靜的態度來彼此分享,不再面紅,也不氣喘,從今時直到永遠! 主內 小何